Technical Support

Please follow the procedure described below for technical support requests:

  1. Check the Dimetix website for helpful information (available all day, 24h). See Knowledge Base, Application Notes and sensor manuals in the download section.
  2. Perform a simple sensor check:
    ◦ Check and clean all lenses (laser output and receiving lens)
    ◦ Connect power supply to the device and check if green power LED in on
    ◦ Do a distance measurement on a white surface (ideally on a white paper/cardboard). Must work.
    ◦ Perform a device reset (see manual or MB020) and redo the distance measurement above.
  3. Fill out the Checklist and contact Dimetix ( Dimetix will then provide a corresponding case ID.

For effective technical support by Dimetix the information requested on the checklist is needed first. The better and more detailed the information, the better we can help.