Service and repair procedure [ru]

For our repair service the following procedure has to be carried out:

  1. Execute a reset as described in the Manual of the device.
  2. If the problem still persist, fill in the request form and send the form to Dimetix.
  3. Dimetix will inform you how to proceed.
  4. In case Dimetix instructs you to send the unit back, Dimetix will carry out a function test of the device.
  5. Dimetix will send you a corresponding quote for a repair / exchange of the unit.
  6. Imeadetly after receiving your order, Dimetix will send you a replacement unit out of our Service pool of devices.
  7. The defective unit will be collected and repaired later together with other units. The repaired and updated units will be tested and calibrated on our production line. This reconditioned devices will now be available as exchange units in our Service pool.

This procedure allows the fastest possible reaction time for a service case. However, it will not be possible to determine the exact cause of the problem.
Transport costs for the shipment of defective measuring devices have to be paid by the customer. Please record our RMA-number on your shipping documents in order to ensure a clear identification of your unit.

Guarantee starts with the date of invoice and will last for one (1) year.